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  • You had control over your emotions
  • You had a greater understanding of anxiety/depression
  • You felt in control of your emotions and life
  • You were part of a community of empowering women
  • You were coached one-on-one by Amanda
  • You gained more energy
  • You had more clarity and focus
  • You discovered your purpose and meaning in life

Imagine a remedy for anxiety and depression that is long-lasting and has no side effects. In this research-based, 12-week, personalized intervention program you’ll establish a life that is more physically vibrant and emotionally balanced.

We’ll work together to design and implement a completely customized lifestyle intervention consisting of exercise, nutritional guidance, positive body image coaching, meditation, and other mindfulness practices.

Are you ready to break through whatever is holding you back, make lifestyle changes, reclaim control, and live with more purpose?

Overcome anxiety and depression once and for all using: mindset, movement and meditation.

Apply today to finally break free!

12 Calls

Weekly 45-minute coaching sessions

Rise Tribe

Access to an exclusive program and community

Personalized Action Plan

Discover exactly what it’ll take to get better and stay better

Goal Setting

Set effective and personalized goals to move you forward


Have support every step of the way

Workout Plan

Workouts at your level that will help you thrive mentally and physically

Meditations and Mindset Exercises

Tools to help you rewire your mind to reclaim your life

Nutritional Guidance and Mind-Gut Reset

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional with the ability to diagnose or prescribe. This program is an additive or alternative treatment option for anxiety and depression but it is not meant to replace the guidance of a doctor or therapist.


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