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Rise Tribe is a community of women.

Join this empowering sisterhood of women on the RISE! This is my monthly subscription program where you’ll find everything you need to live, thrive, heal and grow all in one place!
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  • Get unstuck in your life mentally and physically
  • See that you’re not alone in the things you struggle through
  • More love, support and friendship
  • Clarity in how to workout for your goals
  • Feel in control of your mind, body and life
  • Part of a community that empowers and encourages you
  • Coaching by Amanda will bring clarity and change into your life

Daily Workouts

I’m showing up with you! Live workouts uploaded the night before!

Daily Meditation

5-minute morning meditations to get your day started right

Coaching Calls

Monthly live group coaching calls


Mobile & desktop access to all resources

Accountability Partners

Rise Tribe accountability partners

Nutrition 101

You’ll learn the SIMPLE truths about nutrition so you never have to count calories or feel stuck to a meal plan ever again!

Private Community

VIP access to our Facebook group – a safe space to post your #rawsweatyselfie and find support from our incredible community!

Resource Library

Full access to videos: workouts, stretching, mini mindfulness lessons and so much more!

Workouts can be done at home or in the gym but most of us have ditched our gym memberships!

Note: Membership to this is included in my Anxiety / Depression Coaching

I created the program that I so desperately needed but couldn’t find.

Over the years, I’ve spent SO MUCH time and money looking for the right program for me. One that was doable, fun, flexible and had community and accountability built in. I wanted to find a program that encouraged me to BE better and live more fully, not just to LOOK better. I was frustrated with the fitness industry, all the shaming and celebrating of unrealistic expectations. And the world of mindfulness seemed confusing and quite honestly sometimes just a little too “out there” for me. I went looking for a program that combined fitness, mindfulness and community in a way that was simple, straightforward and fit into my crazy everyday life.

When I couldn’t find what I was looking for, I created it. It turns out that some of you have been looking for the same thing too!


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