#vanmanda was born in 2016, when I bought a van…


Rewind to August-ish 2016. I was fresh out of a tough break up, had spent way too many hours on instagram scrolling through rock climbers pages and had officially become an @ourhomeonwheels fangirl.

One day after work, while walking the dogs I casually told told me roommate, “If you ever leave me, I’m going to move into a van tiny home.” She laughed at my silly idea and then we went on with the rest of our night. She had a good job and wasn’t going anywhere.

…she got laid off 2 weeks later.

After a few weeks of job searching and lots of prayers she told me she was going to move up to Seattle to be closer to family. She brought up the van idea again. I laughed, I hadn’t really been that serious. But now the seed was planted and I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

Later that night I got on craigslist, it was time to either post for a new roommate or start van shopping. I think by now you’ve figured out what I chose. While scrolling I said a prayer that went something like, “Ok, God, I know you have plans for my life but sometimes I also think you just let me do my thing and make it work out. So if moving into a van will ruin your plans for me then I won’t do it, but if you don’t care then please help me find a van. I have to be moved out in 5 weeks…”

Our 1st official #vanlife night

I bought a van 3 days later & the nickname Vanmanda followed shortly after!

With the help of an incredibly talented brother, family and friends we turned an empty, uninsulated, cargo van into a home. I recently drove that home completely across country from CA to DC, where I’m now living! (I’ll write more about that trip another day)

It’s been quite the adventure and I have so many more stories about #vanlife to tell you later. But today I want to leave you with this…

The questions I get asked the most is, “Why did you decide to move into a van?” And my answer has always been, “I ran out of reasons why not to.”

You only get one short life to live. You only get one short life to live. Make it weird, make it bold and make it so authentically yours.  YOU write your story,  you choose your adventures. Things will happen along the way that you don’t expect. Some of them will be great and others will knock you to your knees. But ultimately, this life, it’s up to you. There’s so much out there if you’re willing to try on some new ideas and get out of your comfort zone. You might not move into a van but I bet there’s something already in your mind. Maybe it’s writing a book, taking that trip, finally going to therapy, sharing your story, starting a business or forgiving that old friend. There’s something just outside your comfort zone, staring you in the eyes right now. STOP WAITING. STOP SITTING. STOP PRETENDING LIKE YOU’RE FINE WHERE YOU ARE. No will live this life or write your stories for you.

Girl, let’s go! Start showing up for life, it’s time to do your thing!



Still curious about my #vanlife living?! Check out this amazing video my friend Kaya (@onechicktravels) put together!