I got a message from one of you last week asking, “How do you keep such a good morning routine?”

I decided I needed one.
I planned it.
I commit to it.

I decided I needed one

I knew morning routines were a thing, but I didn’t realize how LIFE CHANGING it would be. After reading enough magazine and blog posts about how all the successful people have morning routines and how much it can help with mindset and productivity, I decided I needed one. I wanted an improved mindset. I wanted to be more productive. And if this was a tool to get me there then I was all about it!

I planned it

I researched other people’s morning routines. Bought guides and asked questions. And then finally I carved out the time to sit down and put one together that worked for me. I have 2 versions of my morning and evening routine. My “ideal routine” and me “oh shizzz routine.” Ideal is what I strive for most days, oh shizzz is for those days I woke up or get home really late. My goals for my routines were o have something that helped me mentally focus, get spiritually connected and to wake up my body. It changes a bit from time to time but as of right now it looks like this:

My Ideal Morning Routine

6:30am Wake up, Bathroom to pee, brush teeth & take 10 big gulps of water
6:40am 5-10 minute meditation, write down 3 gratitudes and 3 affirmations
6:50am 5-10 minutes Prayer & Scripture reading

7am 15-25 minutes Morning Movement with my dog
7:30am Get dressed & make breakfast

My “Oh Shizzzz” Morning Routine

7am Wake up, bathroom to pee, brush teeth & take 10 big gulps of water
7:10am 5 min throw the ball for my dog while I do some squats or high knees
7:15am Get dressed & grab fruit or overnight oats
Get in the car –
I then check my mindset boxes on my drive to wherever I’m going. In the car I’ll say 3 things I’m grateful for out loud, take 10 deep meditation breaths and say a quick prayer before getting out of the car.

My Ideal Evening Routine

9:30pm Wind down, do something relaxing like watch a show or read a book
Review my schedule for tomorrow and end screen time
Wash face, brush teeth, ect..
Set out clothes for tomorrow & fill my water bottle for the morning
Say prayers & go to bed

Oh Shizzzz Evening Routine

Whenever I get home:

Use makeup wipe on face, brush teeth, fill up water bottle
Check tomorrow’s schedule on my phone
Say prayers & pass out

I commit to it

Every single day I choose to choose it, I choose to be committed to it. Like any new habit, it’ll get easier with time but for now you just have to do it, make it a priority and don’t allow room for excuses. That’s partly why I now have 2 versions. My biggest excuse was, “I don’t have time.” I fixed that with 2 things: (1) creating a shorter routine option, (2) setting a rule for myself not to snooze the alarm. Number 2 was HUGE. When you snooze your alarm you’ve just broken a commitment you made to yourself last night when you set the alarm intending to wake up at that time. Just think about it.

I also created a why. I choose my morning and evening routines because they help me to bring my best self to the world. I know that when I show up for me first thing in the morning it helps me to be more grounded and able to show up for others the rest of the day.

For those struggling with anxiety or depression, getting up in the morning is especially challenging. You often wonder what the point in getting out of bed is at all. I challenge you more than anyone else to plan and commit to a morning routine. It has been one of the most effective tools for my clients!

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