When I was 14 I walked in to find my mom having a seizure. I walked in expecting to wake her up from her nap to ask one of those, “I’m 14 and need an answer to this question now or I might die so it’s worth waking your exhausted mom up from her nap” — you know like, “Can I go to my friend house?” or “I’m starving and we have no food even though the fridge and pantry is full, I can’t eat any of that.”

I thought I was opening the door for my life or death scenario, not hers.

As I dialed 9-1-1 I tried asking her what was wrong. I had no idea what a seizure was, I’d never seen or learned about one before. I could see her fighting to talk, she managed to get out the word “stroke.” The ambulance came and within a few days we knew it was a brain tumor, cancer and the whole 9 yards.

I watched over the next 2 years as she fought for her life. She fought to be the woman who raised her babies, to be the partner to her husband, to continue being a sister, daughter and friend. And dammit, she fought. Twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. She refused to accept defeat, she was relentless because she knew it was worth the fight.

We got lucky, because this is my mama, she made it, and you can too.

Your battle might not be a cancerous brain tumor. Odds are if you’ve wandered your way towards this space your battle is with anxiety or depression. And girl, you’re going to have to fight for your life too.

You might not have to wake up and go to chemo, but you need to wake up and go for that run.

You might not have to get surgery, but you’ll have to pull apart your current lifestyle and try some new treatments.

You might not have to learn to speak again, but you have to learn new ways to think and talk to yourself.

You’re going to have to wake up every morning and make a choice. Am I showing up or giving up today?

I wish I could hand over the magic pill or tell you the special secret, but the truth is, neither exist.

If you want your life back, girl, YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE TO FIGHT FOR IT.

Your life is in your hands.




Three things you can do TODAY to start fighting for your life:


1.  Establish a why that’s BIG.

Your why is the purpose, cause or belief that inspires you most. So establish and articulate a why that is  bigger than the struggle or lack of motivation. Big enough to convince you to do whatever it takes.

2.  Write down that you’re creating and read it out loud.

Speak your new life into creation.

3.  Create an empowering morning routine.

This step alone has helped countless of my clients turn their life around.

You are not alone in this fight. Here’s my #give, you can have a FREE 30 minute coaching call with me if you:

  1. Create and do you morning routine every day for a week
  2. Email me a picture of your written down Why & Vision Statement with the subject line, “I’m fighting for my life”

(View audio in blog for instructions)

You’ll walk away from this call feeling empowered with a clear next step to taking back your life!

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