I’m a woman on a mission to change the game. Fitness is about more than a bikini body and depression is more than a diagnosis.  I believe that mental and physical health deserve and equal seat at the table and that you can’t fully enjoy one without the other. I have an absolute obsession with humans and helping them reconnect to their body, rewire their minds and reclaim their life! I’ve dedicated thousands of hours to education, experience, research, coaching, and collaboration to bring you research based programs that work and are designed to fit into your busy life.

I’m an Anxiety, Depression and Exercise Coach and Founder of Rise As Wea community of empowering women choosing to show up and start living their best life, mentally and physically. I help women reclaim their lives from anxiety and depression using fitness, mindfulness and lifestyle changes.

I was born and raised in Southern California where I lived off of sunshine and big plans.

My childhood was a dream until my mom got diagnosed with brain cancer when I was 14. Being the oldest sibling of 4, this rocked my world. During this time I decided that I needed to be unfailingly strong and perfect for my family. I carried this unhealthy standard of perfectionism into the next decade of my life until a breakdown in my mid-twenties convinced me that my mind, life and health needed to change.

I was a hyper kid. For as long as I can remember I haven’t stopped moving (…or talking). I took this love of fitness to college where I ran hurdles on the track & field team at California State University, Chico. I also started my career as a personal trainer there. I left Chico with two Bachelor’s Degrees – one in International Relations and one in Social Science, and graduated in 2013 with a Master’s Degree in Exercise Psychology where I researched the only exercise and depression program in the country for university students.

I spent the next 5 years at Google Headquarters and NC Fit (NorCal CrossFit) in Mountain View, CA working as a personal trainer and CrossFit coach where I worked with clients through their mental and physical health journeys. Ironically enough, amidst all this was my mid-twenties breakdown where I decided to drop the act, start practicing mindfulness and reclaim my life.

I went on to launch Rise As We, where I’ve put together all the things I need to live, heal, thrive and grow into one place! Here you’ll find all things fitness, mental health, mindfulness, gut health, faith and lifestyle.

My mission is to help thousands of women reclaim their lives.

To empower them to change the narrative and take control of their body, mind and soul.

To let them know that they have options and they’re not alone.

I believe you can only give others the strength, love and care that you’ve given to yourself first. We make the world a better place one person at a time, starting with the woman we see when we look in the mirror. So thanks for being here, I can’t wait to help you RISE!

With love,


To empower thousands of women with the resources and community they need to reclaim their life, practice self-love and take responsibility for their health and life.


You can only give others the strength, love and care that you’ve given to yourself. You must show up for you before you can fully show up for others.


I created the programs that I desperately needed. That’s it. That’s what this is. I too have fallen into the fitness industry’s trap of celebrating unrealistic expectations. I too sat in a doctor’s office where he tricked me into thinking medication was my only option. I too thought mindfulness was confusing and too “out there.” I too have felt alone in my messy life unable to balance it all.

I’ve created this space, this tribe and these programs for you too. Your life and health are in your hands but you don’t have to figure it out alone. I’ll give you everything to you need to start living your best life and to remind you to love yourself along the way.

  • Master’s Degree in Sport & Exercise Psychology
  • AFAA Certified Personal Trainer
  • Personal Trainer at Google Headquarters
  • L1 CrossFit Coach
  • Anxiety / Depression Coach & Researcher
  • NCAA Track & Field Collegiate Athlete

I have a German Shepherd named cooper. He is the best and most exhausting part of my life.

I just might be a mint chip ice cream and nachos addict.

I’ve been to 20 different countries and counting!

5 of my favorite things are: seaglass, fireworks, lightening, Jesus and sunrise

I originally thought I’d work in the nonprofit world, that’ll eventually become part of Rise As We. I believe our number one purpose as humans is to help other humans.

I've lived in a van tiny home for the last 2 years!